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Created by iocanel on 7/29/16.
This decorator interacts directly with the Kubernetes exec API to run commands inside a container.
Handle the liveness of the processes executed in containers, wait for them to finish and process exit codes.
Created by fabricio.leotti on 26/04/17.
Sets the default node selector to linux if it hasn't been set explicitly in the pod before.
Sets the restart policy to Never.
Sets a workspace volume mounted in all containers.
Interface containing common code between DynamicPVCVolume and DynamicPVCWorkspaceVolume.
Interface containing common code between GenericEphemeralVolume and GenericEphemeralWorkspaceVolume.
Manages garbage collection of orphaned pods.
Annotate pods owned by live Kubernetes agents to help with garbage collection.
Uses a generic ephemeral volume, that is created before the agent pod is created, and terminated afterwards.
Uses a generic ephemeral volume, that is created before the agent pod is created, and terminated afterwards.
Collects the Kubernetes agents currently in provisioning.
Qualifies node blocks associated with KubernetesSlave to be retried if the node was deleted.
Manages the Kubernetes client creation per cloud
Kubernetes cloud provider.
A factory of KubernetesComputer instances.
Provides folder level Kubernetes configuration.
Descriptor class.
Launches on Kubernetes the specified KubernetesComputer instance.
Implements provisioning limits for clouds and pod templates
Builds a KubernetesSlave instance.
Generated localization support class.
Generated localization support class.
Generated localization support class.
Implementation of NodeProvisioner.Strategy which will provision a new node immediately as a task enter the queue.
Ping the nodeProvisioner as a new task enters the queue.
Use StringCredentials
A builder of NodeProvisioner.PlannedNode implementations for Kubernetes.
A factory of PlannedNodeBuilder instances.
Allows to alter a pod definition after it has been built from the yaml and DSL/GUI configuration.
A fatal exception raised by a PodDecorator implementation.
OfflineCause for Kubernetes Pods.
PodRetention instances determine if the Kubernetes pod running a Jenkins agent should be deleted after Jenkins terminates the agent.
A Descriptor for any PodRetention implementation.
Kubernetes Pod Template
Helper class to build Pods from PodTemplates
Context object for PodTemplate during pipeline execution
Filters a pod template according to criteria.
A group of pod templates that can be saved together.
Implementation of PodTemplateFilter filtering pod templates matching the right label.
A map of KubernetesCloud -> List of PodTemplate instances.
A source of pod templates.
Pod Template Tool Location This class extends Jenkins DescribableList as implemented in Slave Class.
Base class for all Kubernetes volume types
Checks for deleted pods corresponding to KubernetesSlave and ensures the node is removed from Jenkins too.
Listener called when a Kubernetes event related to a Kubernetes agent happens.
SaveableListener that will update cloud watchers when Jenkins configuration is updated.
Only useful for tests which shutdown Jenkins without terminating the JVM.
PodDecorator allowing to inject in all containers a securityContext allowing to use the restricted Pod Security Standard.
Environment variables created from kubernetes secrets.
Looks for pod/container secrets and hides them from display.
Use Jackson for serialization to continue support octal notation `0xxx`.
The default PlannedNodeBuilder implementation, in case there is other registered.
Base class for all Kubernetes workspace volume types