Jenkins core 2.467 API

Server-side CLI commands for Hudson.
Code for supporting declarative CLI commands, which are annotated methods on model objects.
OptionHandler implementations for Hudson.
Beef up the plain text console output by adding HTML markup.
Logic for Hudson startup.
Core object model that are bound to URLs via stapler, rooted at Jenkins.
Boolean expression over labels.
Listener interfaces for various events that occur inside the server.
Code that monitors the health of agents
Classes that implement cron-like features
Jenkins's interface with source code management systems.
Code that computes links to external source code repository browsers.
QuickSilver-like search/jump capability for better navigation around Jenkins.
Security-related code.
Code related to agents.
Built-in Builders and Publishers that perform the actual heavy-lifting of a build.
Built-in Triggers that run periodically to kick a new build.
Other miscellaneous utility code
Native code wrappers.
Agent → controller security.
Façade for