Class BitbucketCloudEndpoint

    • Constructor Detail

      • BitbucketCloudEndpoint

        public BitbucketCloudEndpoint​(boolean manageHooks,
                                      String credentialsId)
      • BitbucketCloudEndpoint

        public BitbucketCloudEndpoint​(boolean manageHooks,
                                      String credentialsId,
                                      String endPointURL)
      • BitbucketCloudEndpoint

        public BitbucketCloudEndpoint​(boolean enableCache,
                                      int teamCacheDuration,
                                      int repositoriesCacheDuration,
                                      boolean manageHooks,
                                      String credentialsId)
        enableCache - true if caching should be used to reduce requests to Bitbucket.
        teamCacheDuration - How long, in minutes, to cache the team response.
        repositoriesCacheDuration - How long, in minutes, to cache the repositories response.
        manageHooks - true if and only if Jenkins is supposed to auto-manage hooks for this end-point.
        credentialsId - The IdCredentials.getId() of the credentials to use for auto-management of hooks.
    • Method Detail

      • isEnableCache

        public boolean isEnableCache()
      • getTeamCacheDuration

        public int getTeamCacheDuration()
      • getRepositoriesCacheDuration

        public int getRepositoriesCacheDuration()
      • getRepositoryUrl

        public String getRepositoryUrl​(@NonNull
                                       String repoOwner,
                                       String repository)
        The user facing URL of the specified repository.
        Specified by:
        getRepositoryUrl in class AbstractBitbucketEndpoint
        repoOwner - the repository owner.
        repository - the repository.
        the user facing URL of the specified repository.