Class ReverseBuildTrigger

    • Method Detail

      • getUpstreamProjects

        public String getUpstreamProjects()
        Gets the upstream projects.
        Upstream projects or empty("") if upstream projects is null.
      • getThreshold

        public Result getThreshold()
      • setThreshold

        public void setThreshold​(Result r)
      • start

        public void start​(@NonNull
                          Job project,
                          boolean newInstance)
        Description copied from class: Trigger
        Called when a Trigger is loaded into memory and started.
        start in class Trigger<Job>
        project - given so that the persisted form of this object won't have to have a back pointer.
        newInstance - True if this may be a newly created trigger first attached to the Project (generally if the project is being created or configured). False if this is invoked for a Project loaded from disk.
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      • stop

        public void stop()
        Description copied from class: Trigger
        Called before a Trigger is removed. Under some circumstances, this may be invoked more than once for a given Trigger, so be prepared for that.

        When the configuration is changed for a project, all triggers are removed once and then added back.

        stop in class Trigger<Job>