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Interface DependencyDeclarer

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BuildTrigger, Fingerprinter, ReverseBuildTrigger

public interface DependencyDeclarer
Marker interface for project-associated objects that can participate in the dependency graph computation process.

Publishers, Builders, BuildWrappers, and Triggers (or whatever DescribableList.buildDependencyGraph(hudson.model.AbstractProject, hudson.model.DependencyGraph) is called on, by AbstractProject.buildDependencyGraph(hudson.model.DependencyGraph)) can implement this interface to add additional edges to the dependency graph.

Nicolas Lalevee, Martin Ficker, Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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    • buildDependencyGraph

      void buildDependencyGraph(AbstractProject owner, DependencyGraph graph)
      owner - The project that owns the publishers, builders, etc. This information is conceptually redundant, as those objects are only configured against the single owner, but this information is nevertheless passed in since often owner information is not recorded. Never null.
      graph - The dependency graph being built. Never null.