Class LabelExpression.Binary

All Implemented Interfaces:
ModelObject, SearchableModelObject, SearchItem, Comparable<Label>, ModelObjectWithChildren, ModelObjectWithContextMenu
Direct Known Subclasses:
LabelExpression.And, LabelExpression.Iff, LabelExpression.Implies, LabelExpression.Or
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class LabelExpression.Binary extends LabelExpression
  • Field Details

    • lhs

      public final Label lhs
    • rhs

      public final Label rhs
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  • Method Details

    • matches

      public boolean matches(VariableResolver<Boolean> resolver)
      Note that we evaluate both branches of the expression all the time. That is, it behaves like "a|b" not "a||b"
      Specified by:
      matches in class Label
    • op

      protected abstract boolean op(boolean a, boolean b)