Package hudson.util

Interface VariableResolver<V>

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    VariableResolver.ByMap, VariableResolver.Union

    public interface VariableResolver<V>
    Resolves variables to its value, while encapsulating how that resolution happens.
    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • NONE

        static final VariableResolver NONE
        Empty resolver that always returns null.
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      • resolve

        V resolve​(String name)
        Receives a variable name and obtains the value associated with the name.

        This can be implemented simply on top of a Map (see VariableResolver.ByMap), or this can be used like an expression evaluator.

        name - Name of the variable to be resolved. Never null, never empty. The name shouldn't include the syntactic marker of an expression. IOW, it should be "foo" but not "${foo}". A part of the goal of this design is to abstract away the expression marker syntax.
        Object referenced by the name. Null if not found.