Class LabelExpression.Or

All Implemented Interfaces:
ModelObject, SearchableModelObject, SearchItem, Comparable<Label>, ModelObjectWithChildren, ModelObjectWithContextMenu
Enclosing class:

public static final class LabelExpression.Or extends LabelExpression.Binary
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    • op

      protected boolean op(boolean a, boolean b)
      Specified by:
      op in class LabelExpression.Binary
    • accept

      public <V, P> V accept(LabelVisitor<V,P> visitor, P param)
      Description copied from class: Label
      Accepts a visitor and call its respective "onXYZ" method based no the actual type of 'this'.
      Specified by:
      accept in class Label
    • precedence

      public LabelOperatorPrecedence precedence()
      Description copied from class: Label
      Precedence of the top most operator.
      Specified by:
      precedence in class Label