Class RelocationHandler

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    public abstract class RelocationHandler
    extends Object
    implements ExtensionPoint
    Provides some kind of specialized handling for a move. Handlers are chained in extension registration order, so that some can decorate other handlers. It is also possible for a handler to send a placeholder response and schedule a move for later (keeping the rest of the handlers ready).
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      • RelocationHandler

        public RelocationHandler()
    • Method Detail

      • applicability

        public abstract RelocationHandler.HandlingMode applicability​(@NonNull
                                                                     Item item)
        Checks quickly whether this handler might be able to move a given item.
        item - an item which the user wishes to move
        how this handler might handle the given item
      • handle

        public abstract org.kohsuke.stapler.HttpResponse handle​(@NonNull
                                                                Item item,
                                                                ItemGroup<?> destination,
                                                                AtomicReference<Item> newItem,
                                                                List<? extends RelocationHandler> chain)
                                                         throws IOException,
        Possibly handles redirecting an item.
        item - an item which the user wishes to move
        destination - the location the user wishes to move it to
        newItem - if moving succeeds, set this to the new item (typically same object as item)
        chain - zero or more remaining handlers which could be delegated to (may call this method on the first and pass in the rest of the chain)
        Failure if the move is known to not be able to proceed, or a custom response such as a redirect, or a delegated response from the first handler in the chain, or null if no HTTP response is warranted or possible
        IOException - if the move was attempted but failed
        InterruptedException - if the move was attempted but was interrupted
      • validDestinations

        public abstract List<? extends ItemGroup<?>> validDestinations​(@NonNull
                                                                       Item item)
        Gathers a list of possible destinations to which an item may be moved. The union of all destinations from various handlers is used.
        item - an item which the user wishes to move
        potential destinations (may be empty if this handler does not need to add new kinds of destinations)