Package hudson.model

Class JDK.DescriptorImpl

All Implemented Interfaces:
Saveable, Loadable, OnMaster
Enclosing class:

@Extension @Symbol("jdk") public static class JDK.DescriptorImpl extends ToolDescriptor<JDK>
  • Constructor Details

    • DescriptorImpl

      public DescriptorImpl()
  • Method Details

    • getDisplayName

      @NonNull public String getDisplayName()
      Description copied from class: Descriptor
      Human readable name of this kind of configurable object. Should be overridden for most descriptors, if the display name is visible somehow. As a fallback it uses Class.getSimpleName() on Descriptor.clazz, so for example MyThing from some.pkg.MyThing.DescriptorImpl. Historically some implementations returned null as a way of hiding the descriptor from the UI, but this is generally managed by an explicit method such as isEnabled or isApplicable.
      getDisplayName in class Descriptor<ToolInstallation>
    • getInstallations

      public JDK[] getInstallations()
      Description copied from class: ToolDescriptor
      Configured instances of ToolInstallations.
      getInstallations in class ToolDescriptor<JDK>
      read-only list of installations; can be empty but never null.
    • setInstallations

      public void setInstallations(JDK... jdks)
      Description copied from class: ToolDescriptor
      Overwrites ToolInstallations.
      setInstallations in class ToolDescriptor<JDK>
      jdks - list of installations; can be empty but never null.
    • getDefaultInstallers

      public List<? extends ToolInstaller> getDefaultInstallers()
      Description copied from class: ToolDescriptor
      Optional list of installers to be configured by default for new tools of this type. If there are popular versions of the tool available using generic installation techniques, they can be returned here for the user's convenience.
      getDefaultInstallers in class ToolDescriptor<JDK>
    • checkHomeDirectory

      protected FormValidation checkHomeDirectory(File value)
      Checks if the JAVA_HOME is a valid JAVA_HOME path.
      checkHomeDirectory in class ToolDescriptor<JDK>
      value - a possible value for ToolInstallation.getHome(), known to already exist on the controller TODO(terminology) or is it built-in?
      by default, FormValidation.ok()