Class ToolInstaller

    • Constructor Detail

      • ToolInstaller

        protected ToolInstaller​(String label)
        Subclasses should pass these parameters in using DataBoundConstructor.
    • Method Detail

      • getLabel

        public final String getLabel()
        Label to limit which nodes this installation can be performed on. Can be null to not impose a limit.
      • appliesTo

        public boolean appliesTo​(Node node)
        Checks whether this installer can be applied to a given node. (By default, just checks the label.)
      • preferredLocation

        protected final FilePath preferredLocation​(ToolInstallation tool,
                                                   Node node)
        Convenience method to find a location to install a tool.
        tool - the tool being installed
        node - the computer on which to install the tool
        ToolInstallation.getHome() if specified, else a path within the local Jenkins work area named according to ToolInstallation.getName()
      • getDescriptor

        public ToolInstallerDescriptor<?> getDescriptor()
        Description copied from interface: Describable
        Gets the descriptor for this instance.

        Descriptor is a singleton for every concrete Describable implementation, so if a.getClass() == b.getClass() then by default a.getDescriptor() == b.getDescriptor() as well. (In rare cases a single implementation class may be used for instances with distinct descriptors.)

        Specified by:
        getDescriptor in interface Describable<ToolInstaller>