Class ThemeManagerPageDecorator

    • Constructor Detail

      • ThemeManagerPageDecorator

        public ThemeManagerPageDecorator()
    • Method Detail

      • configure

        public boolean configure​(org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerRequest req,
                                 net.sf.json.JSONObject formData)
        configure in class Descriptor<PageDecorator>
      • isDisableUserThemes

        public boolean isDisableUserThemes()
      • setDisableUserThemes

        public void setDisableUserThemes​(boolean disableUserThemes)
      • findTheme

        public Theme findTheme()
        Finds the active theme. Checks User and then global theme.
        the active theme, or a no-op theme if not selected
      • getHeaderHtml

        public String getHeaderHtml()
        Get the complete header HTML for all configured theme elements.
      • getThemeKey

        public String getThemeKey()
      • isRespectSystemAppearance

        public boolean isRespectSystemAppearance()
      • shouldInjectCss

        public boolean shouldInjectCss()
        Filter to only inject CSS into "normal" Jenkins pages. Some plugins replace the whole layout of Jenkins and we don't want to disturb them.
        true if it is okay to inject CSS