Class CopyArtifact

    • Method Detail

      • setParameters

        public void setParameters​(String parameters)
      • setFilter

        public void setFilter​(String filter)
      • setTarget

        public void setTarget​(String target)
      • setExcludes

        public void setExcludes​(String excludes)
      • setSelector

        public void setSelector​(@NonNull
                                BuildSelector selector)
      • setFlatten

        public void setFlatten​(boolean flatten)
      • setIncludeBuildNumberInTargetPath

        public void setIncludeBuildNumberInTargetPath​(boolean includeBuildNumberInTargetPath)
      • setOptional

        public void setOptional​(boolean optional)
      • setFingerprintArtifacts

        public void setFingerprintArtifacts​(boolean fingerprintArtifacts)
      • setResultVariableSuffix

        public void setResultVariableSuffix​(String resultVariableSuffix)
        Set the suffix for variables to store copying results.
        resultVariableSuffix - Variable suffix to use.
      • getProjectName

        public String getProjectName()
      • getParameters

        public String getParameters()
      • getFilter

        public String getFilter()
      • getExcludes

        public String getExcludes()
      • getTarget

        public String getTarget()
      • isFlatten

        public boolean isFlatten()
      • isOptional

        public boolean isOptional()
      • getResultVariableSuffix

        public String getResultVariableSuffix()
        the suffix for variables to store copying results.
      • getIncludeBuildNumberInTargetPath

        public boolean getIncludeBuildNumberInTargetPath()
      • isFingerprintArtifacts

        public boolean isFingerprintArtifacts()