Class AbstractFolderProperty<C extends AbstractFolder<?>>

    • Field Detail

      • owner

        protected transient C extends AbstractFolder<?> owner
        The AbstractFolder object that owns this property. This value will be set by the folder. Derived classes can expect this value to be always set.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractFolderProperty

        public AbstractFolderProperty()
    • Method Detail

      • setOwner

        protected void setOwner​(@NonNull
                                C owner)
        Hook for performing post-initialization action.
        owner - the owner.
      • getOwner

        public C getOwner()
        Gets an owner of the property.
        Owner of the property. It should be always non-null if the property initialized correctly.
      • getItemContainerOverrides

        public Collection<?> getItemContainerOverrides()
        Provides stapler override objects to Folder so that its URL space can be partially overridden by properties.
        the overrides.
        See Also:
      • getHealthReports

        public List<HealthReport> getHealthReports()
        Folder properties can optionally contribute health reports for the folder. These should be reports of the folder directly, where a report requires iteration of the items in the folder use the getHealthMetrics() in order to prevent multiple iterations of the items in the folder.
        the list of health reports.
      • getHealthMetrics

        public List<FolderHealthMetric> getHealthMetrics()
        Returns the health metrics contributed by this property.
        the health metrics contributed by this property.