Class FolderProperty<C extends Folder>

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionPoint, Describable<AbstractFolderProperty<?>>, ReconfigurableDescribable<AbstractFolderProperty<?>>

public abstract class FolderProperty<C extends Folder> extends AbstractFolderProperty<C>
  • Constructor Details

    • FolderProperty

      public FolderProperty()
  • Method Details

    • allowsParentToCreate

      public boolean allowsParentToCreate(TopLevelItemDescriptor candidate)
      Determines if the parent container is allowed to create a new item of the given type, or copy from an existing item of the given type.
      candidate - The type of the item being considered.
      false to prevent the container to create the children of the said type.
    • allowsParentToHave

      public boolean allowsParentToHave(TopLevelItem candidate)
    • getFolderActions

      @NonNull @Deprecated public Collection<? extends Action> getFolderActions()
      Actions to be displayed in the folder page.

      Returning actions from this method allows a folder property to add them to the left navigation bar in the folder page.

      can be empty but never null.