Package hudson.tasks

Class Shell.DescriptorImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • DescriptorImpl

        public DescriptorImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • getShell

        public String getShell()
      • getShellOrDefault

        public String getShellOrDefault​(hudson.remoting.VirtualChannel channel)
      • setShell

        public void setShell​(String shell)
      • getDisplayName

        public String getDisplayName()
        Description copied from class: Descriptor
        Human readable name of this kind of configurable object. Should be overridden for most descriptors, if the display name is visible somehow. As a fallback it uses Class.getSimpleName() on Descriptor.clazz, so for example MyThing from some.pkg.MyThing.DescriptorImpl. Historically some implementations returned null as a way of hiding the descriptor from the UI, but this is generally managed by an explicit method such as isEnabled or isApplicable.
        getDisplayName in class Descriptor<Builder>
      • doCheckUnstableReturn

        public FormValidation doCheckUnstableReturn​(@QueryParameter
                                                    String value)
        Performs on-the-fly validation of the exit code.
      • configure

        public boolean configure​(org.kohsuke.stapler.StaplerRequest req,
                                 net.sf.json.JSONObject data)
                          throws Descriptor.FormException
        Description copied from class: Descriptor
        Invoked when the global configuration page is submitted. Can be overridden to store descriptor-specific information.
        configure in class Descriptor<Builder>
        data - The JSON object that captures the configuration data for this Descriptor. See
        false to keep the client in the same config page.
      • doCheckShell

        public FormValidation doCheckShell​(@QueryParameter
                                           String value)
        Check the existence of sh in the given location.