Package jenkins.model

Class IdStrategy.CaseSensitiveEmailAddress

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    ExtensionPoint, Describable<IdStrategy>, Serializable, Comparator<String>
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    public static class IdStrategy.CaseSensitiveEmailAddress
    extends IdStrategy.CaseSensitive
    implements Serializable
    A case sensitive email address IdStrategy. Providing this implementation among the set of default implementations as given the history of misunderstanding in the Jenkins code base around ID case sensitivity, if not provided people will get this wrong.

    Note: Not all email addresses are case sensitive. It is knowledge that belongs to the server that holds the mailbox. Most sane system administrators do not configure their accounts using case sensitive mailboxes but the RFC does allow them the option to configure that way. Domain names are always case insensitive per RFC.

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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • CaseSensitiveEmailAddress

        public CaseSensitiveEmailAddress()
    • Method Detail

      • equals

        public boolean equals​(@NonNull
                              String id1,
                              String id2)
        Description copied from class: IdStrategy
        Compare two IDs and return true IFF the two ids are the same. Normally we expect that this should be the same as, String) being equal to 0, however there may be a specific reason for going beyond that, such as sorting id's case insensitively while treating them as case sensitive. Subclasses may want to override this naïve implementation that calls compare(id1, id2) == 0 for a more performant implementation.
        equals in class IdStrategy.CaseSensitive
        id1 - the first id.
        id2 - the second id.
        true if and only if the two ids are the same.
      • keyFor

        public String keyFor​(@NonNull
                             String id)
        Description copied from class: IdStrategy
        Converts an ID into a key for use in a Java Map or similar. This controls uniqueness of ids and how multiple different ids may map to the same id. For example, all different capitalizations of "Foo" may map to the same value "foo".
        keyFor in class IdStrategy
        id - the id.
        the key.