Package hudson.slaves

Class RetentionStrategy.Always

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionPoint, Describable<RetentionStrategy<?>>
Enclosing class:
RetentionStrategy<T extends Computer>

public static class RetentionStrategy.Always extends RetentionStrategy<SlaveComputer>
RetentionStrategy that tries to keep the node online all the time.
  • Constructor Details

    • Always

      @DataBoundConstructor public Always()
      Constructs a new Always.
  • Method Details

    • check

      public long check(SlaveComputer c)
      Description copied from class: RetentionStrategy
      This method will be called periodically to allow this strategy to decide what to do with its owning agent.
      Specified by:
      check in class RetentionStrategy<SlaveComputer>
      c - Computer for which this strategy is assigned. This computer may be online or offline. This object also exposes a bunch of properties that the callee can use to decide what action to take.
      The number of minutes after which the strategy would like to be checked again. The strategy may be rechecked earlier or later than this!