Package hudson.scm

Class RepositoryBrowser<E extends ChangeLogSet.Entry>

    • Constructor Detail

      • RepositoryBrowser

        public RepositoryBrowser()
    • Method Detail

      • getChangeSetLink

        public abstract URL getChangeSetLink​(E changeSet)
                                      throws IOException
        Determines the link to the given change set.
        null if this repository browser doesn't have any meaningful URL for a change set (for example, ViewCVS doesn't have any page for a change set, whereas FishEye does.)
      • trimHeadSlash

        protected static String trimHeadSlash​(String s)
        If the given string starts with '/', return a string that removes it.
      • normalizeToEndWithSlash

        protected static URL normalizeToEndWithSlash​(URL url)
        Normalize the URL so that it ends with '/'.

        An attention is paid to preserve the query parameters in URL if any.