Interface SubTask

    • Method Detail

      • getAssignedLabel

        default Label getAssignedLabel()
        If this task needs to be run on a node with a particular label, return that Label. Otherwise null, indicating it can run on anywhere.
        by default, null
      • getLastBuiltOn

        default Node getLastBuiltOn()
        If the previous execution of this task run on a certain node and this task prefers to run on the same node, return that. Otherwise null.
        by default, null
      • getEstimatedDuration

        default long getEstimatedDuration()
        Estimate of how long will it take to execute this task. Measured in milliseconds.
        -1 if it's impossible to estimate (the default)
      • getOwnerTask

        default Queue.Task getOwnerTask()
        Gets the Queue.Task that this subtask belongs to.
        by default, this
      • getSameNodeConstraint

        default Object getSameNodeConstraint()
        If a subset of SubTasks of a Queue.Task needs to be collocated with other SubTasks, those SubTasks should return the equal object here. If null, the execution unit isn't under a colocation constraint.
        by default, null