Package hudson.model

Interface ResourceActivity

All Known Subinterfaces:
BuildableItem, BuildableItemWithBuildWrappers, ParameterizedJobMixIn.ParameterizedJob<JobT,RunT>, Queue.FlyweightTask, Queue.NonBlockingTask, Queue.Task, Queue.TransientTask, SCMedItem, SubTask
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractProject, AbstractQueueTask, AbstractSubTask, FreeStyleProject, Project, QueueTaskFilter

public interface ResourceActivity
Activity that requires certain resources for its execution.
Kohsuke Kawaguchi
  • Method Details

    • getResourceList

      default ResourceList getResourceList()
      Gets the list of Resources that this task requires. Used to make sure no two conflicting tasks run concurrently.

      This method must always return the ResourceList that contains the exact same set of Resources.

      If the activity doesn't lock any resources, just return ResourceList.EMPTY (or decline to override).

      never null
    • getDisplayName

      String getDisplayName()
      Used for rendering HTML.