Package hudson.model

Class ViewPropertyDescriptor

    • Constructor Detail

      • ViewPropertyDescriptor

        protected ViewPropertyDescriptor​(Class<? extends ViewProperty> clazz)
      • ViewPropertyDescriptor

        protected ViewPropertyDescriptor()
        Infers the type of the corresponding Describable from the outer class. This version works when you follow the common convention, where a descriptor is written as the static nested class of the describable class.
    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        public ViewProperty newInstance​(View view)
        Creates a default instance of ViewProperty to be associated with View object that wasn't created from a persisted XML data.

        See View class javadoc for more details about the life cycle of View and when this method is invoked.

        null if the implementation choose not to add any property object for such view.
      • isEnabledFor

        public boolean isEnabledFor​(View view)
        Whether or not the described property is enabled in the current context. Defaults to true. Over-ride in sub-classes as required.

        Returning false from this method essentially has the same effect of making core behaves as if this ViewPropertyDescriptor is not a part of ViewProperty.all().

        This mechanism is useful if the availability of the property is contingent of some other settings.

        view - View for which this property is considered. Never null.