Package hudson.model

Class DisplayNameListener

    • Constructor Detail

      • DisplayNameListener

        public DisplayNameListener()
    • Method Detail

      • onCopied

        public void onCopied​(Item src,
                             Item item)
        Called after the user has clicked OK in the New Job page when Copy existing job has been selected. The fields in item will be displayed in when the config page is loaded displayed.
        onCopied in class ItemListener
        src - The source item that the new one was copied from. Never null.
        item - The newly created item. Never null.
      • onRenamed

        public void onRenamed​(Item item,
                              String oldName,
                              String newName)
        Called after the user has changed the project name of a job and then clicked on submit.
        onRenamed in class ItemListener
        item - The item that has been renamed. The new project name is already in item.getName()
        oldName - the old name
        newName - the new name