Klasse TabLabelProvider


public class TabLabelProvider extends Object
Provides localized labels for the different categories of issues.
Ullrich Hafner
  • Konstruktordetails

    • TabLabelProvider

      public TabLabelProvider(edu.hm.hafner.analysis.Report report)
      Creates a new TabLabelProvider.
      report - the issues to show in the tabs
  • Methodendetails

    • getIssues

      public String getIssues()
    • getTools

      public String getTools()
    • getToolName

      public String getToolName()
    • getModules

      public String getModules()
    • getModuleName

      public String getModuleName()
    • getFiles

      public String getFiles()
    • getFolders

      public String getFolders()
    • getFolderName

      public String getFolderName()
    • getFolder

      public String getFolder()
    • getFileName

      public String getFileName()
    • getCategories

      public String getCategories()
    • getCategory

      public String getCategory()
    • getTypes

      public String getTypes()
    • getType

      public String getType()
    • getDetails

      public String getDetails()
    • getPackageName

      public final String getPackageName()
      Returns the package column title using the suffix of the affected files.
      Gibt zurück:
      the package column title
    • getPackages

      public final String getPackages()
      Returns the package category title using the suffix of the affected files.
      Gibt zurück:
      the package category title