Class CustomTypePipelineMavenPluginDaoDecorator

    • Constructor Detail

      • CustomTypePipelineMavenPluginDaoDecorator

        public CustomTypePipelineMavenPluginDaoDecorator​(@NonNull
                                                         PipelineMavenPluginDao delegate)
    • Method Detail

      • recordGeneratedArtifact

        public void recordGeneratedArtifact​(@NonNull
                                            String jobFullName,
                                            int buildNumber,
                                            String groupId,
                                            String artifactId,
                                            String version,
                                            String type,
                                            String baseVersion,
                                            String repositoryUrl,
                                            boolean skipDownstreamTriggers,
                                            String extension,
                                            String classifier)
        Description copied from interface: PipelineMavenPluginDao
        Record a Maven artifact generated in a build.
        Specified by:
        recordGeneratedArtifact in interface PipelineMavenPluginDao
        recordGeneratedArtifact in class AbstractPipelineMavenPluginDaoDecorator
        jobFullName - see Item.getFullName()
        buildNumber - see Run.getNumber()
        groupId - Maven artifact groupId
        artifactId - Maven artifact artifactId
        version - Maven artifact version, the "expanded version" for snapshots who have been "mvn deploy" or equivalent (e.g. "1.1-20170808.155524-66" for "1.1-SNAPSHOT" deployed to a repo)
        type - Maven artifact type (e.g. "jar", "war", "pom", hpi"...)
        baseVersion - Maven artifact version, the NOT "expanded version" for snapshots who have been "mvn deploy" or equivalent (e.g. baseVersion is "1.1-SNAPSHOT" for a "1.1-SNAPSHOT" artifact that has been deployed to a repo and expanded to "1.1-20170808.155524-66")
        repositoryUrl - URL of the Maven repository on which the artifact is deployed ("mvn deploy"). null if the artifact was not deployed
        skipDownstreamTriggers - see PipelineGraphPublisher#isSkipDownstreamTriggers()