Class BeanPropertyMatcher<T extends Serializable>

    • Constructor Detail

      • BeanPropertyMatcher

        public BeanPropertyMatcher​(@NonNull
                                   String name,
                                   T expected)
        Constructs an instance that matches the specified java bean property against the supplied value.
        name - the property name.
        expected - the expected value.
    • Method Detail

      • describe

        public String describe()
        Describes this matcher in terms of a java-bean style query language
        Specified by:
        describe in interface CredentialsMatcher.CQL
        the description of the credentials matcher query or null if the matcher cannot be expressed in CQL.
      • matches

        public boolean matches​(@NonNull
                               Credentials item)
        Evaluates the matcher for the specified credentials.
        Specified by:
        matches in interface CredentialsMatcher
        item - the specified credentials.
        true if and only if the specified credentials match.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object