Class BitbucketCloudApiFactory

    • Constructor Detail

      • BitbucketCloudApiFactory

        public BitbucketCloudApiFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • isMatch

        protected boolean isMatch​(@Nullable
                                  String serverUrl)
        Description copied from class: BitbucketApiFactory
        Tests if the supplied URL is supported by this factory.
        Specified by:
        isMatch in class BitbucketApiFactory
        serverUrl - the server URL (may be null, e.g. for Bitbucket Cloud)
        true if this factory can connect to the specified URL.
      • create

        protected BitbucketApi create​(@Nullable
                                      String serverUrl,
                                      BitbucketAuthenticator authenticator,
                                      String owner,
                                      String projectKey,
                                      String repository)
        Description copied from class: BitbucketApiFactory
        Creates a BitbucketApi for the specified URL with the supplied credentials, owner and (optional) repository.
        Specified by:
        create in class BitbucketApiFactory
        serverUrl - the server URL.
        authenticator - the (optional) authenticator.
        owner - the owner name.
        projectKey - the (optional) project key.
        repository - the (optional) repository name.
        the BitbucketApi.