Interface BitbucketPullRequest

All Known Implementing Classes:
BitbucketPullRequestValue, BitbucketServerPullRequest

public interface BitbucketPullRequest
Represents a pull request in Bitbucket. Only the source repository is necessary, the destination repo is inferred.
  • Method Details

    • getSource

      the source repository of this pull request
    • getDestination

      the target repository of this pull request
    • getId

      @NonNull String getId()
      pull request ID as provided by Bitbucket. It can be used for notifications.
    • getTitle

      String getTitle()
    • getLink

      String getLink()
    • getAuthorLogin

      String getAuthorLogin()
      Despite the name, this is a display name or nickname for the author, not a stable username for login.
    • getAuthorEmail

      String getAuthorEmail()
      Not set in Cloud.
    • getAuthorIdentifier

      String getAuthorIdentifier()
      Username or account identifier of the author.
    • getReviewers

      List<BitbucketReviewer> getReviewers()