Class BlueOrganizationFolder

All Implemented Interfaces:
BlueContainerItem, BlueManagedSource, BluePipelineItem, BlueRunnableItem, Reachable

public abstract class BlueOrganizationFolder extends BluePipelineFolder
Provides organization folder API
Vivek Pandey
  • Constructor Details

    • BlueOrganizationFolder

      public BlueOrganizationFolder()
  • Method Details

    • isScanAllRepos

      @Exported(name="scanAllRepos") public abstract boolean isScanAllRepos()
      Returns whether pipeline repo discovery was run on all repositories inside organization folder. Determination should be based on whether user gave explicit list of repos or pattern or repos or provided include/exclude criteria to only scan specific set of repos.
    • getScmSource

      @Exported(name="scmSource", inline=true) public abstract BlueScmSource getScmSource()
      Get metadata about the SCM for this pipeline.