Interface BluePipelineItem

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    BlueMultiBranchPipeline, BlueOrganizationFolder, BluePipeline, BluePipelineFolder

    public interface BluePipelineItem
    extends Reachable
    Minimal interface for all Blue Ocean items that live in the "pipeline namespace"

    This includes various kinds of jobs that can be run, but also things that exist only as containers like folders and multibranch parents, and as such doesn't contain any references to runs, build times, etc.

    • Method Detail

      • getOrganizationName

        String getOrganizationName()
        name of the organization that owns this item
      • getName

        String getName()
        name of the pipeline
      • getDisplayName

        String getDisplayName()
        human readable name of this pipeline
      • getFullName

        String getFullName()
        Includes parent folders names if any. For example folder1/folder2/p1
      • getFullDisplayName

        String getFullDisplayName()
        Includes display names of parent folders if any. For example folder1/myFolder2/p1