Class ECSCloud

    • Method Detail

      • setTemplates

        public void setTemplates​(List<ECSTaskTemplate> templates)
      • getCredentialsId

        public String getCredentialsId()
      • getCluster

        public String getCluster()
      • getRegionName

        public String getRegionName()
      • getAssumedRoleArn

        public String getAssumedRoleArn()
      • setRegionName

        public void setRegionName​(String regionName)
      • setAssumedRoleArn

        public void setAssumedRoleArn​(String assumedRoleArn)
      • getTunnel

        public String getTunnel()
      • setTunnel

        public void setTunnel​(String tunnel)
      • setAllowedOverrides

        public void setAllowedOverrides​(@Nonnull
                                        String allowedOverrides)
      • isAllowedOverride

        public boolean isAllowedOverride​(String override)
      • isCustomTaskDefinition

        public String isCustomTaskDefinition​(String label)
      • canProvision

        public boolean canProvision​(String label)
      • getProvisioningCapacity

        public int getProvisioningCapacity​(int excessWorkload,
                                           int onlineExecutors,
                                           int connectingExecutors)
      • findParentTemplate

        public ECSTaskTemplate findParentTemplate​(String parentLabel)
        Will attempt to find a parent for the template label supplied. If no parent is supplied it will attempt to look for one with a label of 'template-default' and if it still can't find one, it will attempt to find one by name of 'template-default'
        parentLabel - the parent template to find
        a task template or potentially null if one can't be determined
      • getSlaveTimeoutInSeconds

        public int getSlaveTimeoutInSeconds()
      • setSlaveTimeoutInSeconds

        public void setSlaveTimeoutInSeconds​(int slaveTimeoutInSeconds)
      • getRetainAgents

        public boolean getRetainAgents()
      • setRetainAgents

        public void setRetainAgents​(boolean retainAgents)
      • getRetentionTimeout

        public int getRetentionTimeout()
      • setRetentionTimeout

        public void setRetentionTimeout​(int retentionTimeout)
      • getTaskPollingIntervalInSeconds

        public int getTaskPollingIntervalInSeconds()
      • setTaskPollingIntervalInSeconds

        public void setTaskPollingIntervalInSeconds​(int taskPollingIntervalInSeconds)
      • getMaxCpu

        public int getMaxCpu()
      • setMaxCpu

        public void setMaxCpu​(int maxCpu)
      • getNumExecutors

        public int getNumExecutors()
      • setNumExecutors

        public void setNumExecutors​(int numExecutors)
      • getMaxMemory

        public int getMaxMemory()
      • setMaxMemory

        public void setMaxMemory​(int maxMemory)
      • getMaxMemoryReservation

        public int getMaxMemoryReservation()
      • setMaxMemoryReservation

        public void setMaxMemoryReservation​(int maxMemoryReservation)
      • getMaxAgents

        public int getMaxAgents()
      • setMaxAgents

        public void setMaxAgents​(int maxAgents)
      • getRegion

        public static com.amazonaws.regions.Region getRegion​(String regionName)
      • getJenkinsUrl

        public String getJenkinsUrl()
      • setJenkinsUrl

        public void setJenkinsUrl​(String jenkinsUrl)
      • addDynamicTemplate

        public ECSTaskTemplate addDynamicTemplate​(ECSTaskTemplate template)
        Adds a dynamic task template. Won't be displayed in UI, and persisted separately from the cloud instance. Also creates a task definition for this template, adding the ARN to back to the template so that we can delete the exact task created once complete.
        template - the template to add
        the task template with the newly created task definition ARN added
      • removeDynamicTemplate

        public void removeDynamicTemplate​(ECSTaskTemplate template)
        Remove a dynamic task template.
        template - the template to remove