Package jenkins.model

Class PeepholePermalink.RunListenerImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • RunListenerImpl

        public RunListenerImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • onDeleted

        public void onDeleted​(Run run)
        If any of the peephole permalink points to the build to be deleted, update it to point to the new location.
        onDeleted in class RunListener<Run<?,​?>>
        run - The build.
      • onCompleted

        public void onCompleted​(Run<?,​?> run,
                                TaskListener listener)
        See if the new build matches any of the peephole permalink.
        onCompleted in class RunListener<Run<?,​?>>
        run - The completed build.
        listener - The listener for this build. This can be used to produce log messages, for example, which becomes a part of the "console output" of this build. But when this method runs, the build is considered completed, so its status cannot be changed anymore.