Package jenkins.model

Class PeepholePermalink

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    public abstract class PeepholePermalink
    extends PermalinkProjectAction.Permalink
    implements Predicate<Run<?,​?>>
    Convenient base implementation for PermalinkProjectAction.Permalinks that satisfy certain properties.

    For a permalink to be able to use this, it has to satisfy the following:

    Given a job J, permalink is a function F that computes a build B. A peephole permalink is a subset of this function that can be deduced to the "peep-hole" function G(B)→bool:
             F(J) = { newest B | G(B)==true }

    Intuitively speaking, a peep-hole permalink resolves to the latest build that satisfies a certain characteristics that can be determined solely by looking at the build and nothing else (most commonly its build result.)

    This base class provides a file-based caching mechanism that avoids walking the long build history.

    The implementation transparently tolerates G(B) that goes from true to false over time (it simply scans the history till find the new matching build.) To tolerate G(B) that goes from false to true, you need to be able to intercept whenever G(B) changes from false to true, then call resolve(Job) to check the current permalink target is up to date, then call updateCache(Job, Run) if it needs updating.

    • Constructor Detail

      • PeepholePermalink

        public PeepholePermalink()
    • Method Detail

      • apply

        public abstract boolean apply​(Run<?,​?> run)
        Checks if the given build satisfies the peep-hole criteria. This is the "G(B)" as described in the class javadoc.
      • test

        public boolean test​(Run<?,​?> run)
        Specified by:
        test in interface Predicate<Run<?,​?>>
      • getPermalinkFile

        protected File getPermalinkFile​(Job<?,​?> job)
        No longer used.
      • resolve

        public Run<?,​?> resolve​(Job<?,​?> job)
        Resolves the permalink by using the cache if possible.
        Specified by:
        resolve in class PermalinkProjectAction.Permalink
        null if the target of the permalink doesn't exist.
      • updateCache

        protected void updateCache​(@NonNull
                                   Job<?,​?> job,
                                   Run<?,​?> b)
        Remembers the value 'n' in the cache for future resolve(Job).
      • initialized

        public static void initialized()