Class CrumbIssuerDescriptor<T extends CrumbIssuer>

    • Constructor Detail

      • CrumbIssuerDescriptor

        protected CrumbIssuerDescriptor​(String salt,
                                        String crumbRequestField)
        Crumb issuers always take a salt and a request field name.
        salt - Salt value
        crumbRequestField - Request parameter name containing crumb from previous response
    • Method Detail

      • getCrumbSalt

        public String getCrumbSalt()
        Get the salt value.
      • setCrumbSalt

        public void setCrumbSalt​(String salt)
        Set the salt value. Must not be null.
      • getCrumbRequestField

        public String getCrumbRequestField()
        Gets the request parameter name that contains the crumb generated from a previous response.
      • setCrumbRequestField

        public void setCrumbRequestField​(String requestField)
        Set the request parameter name. Must not be null.