Package hudson.scm

Class ChangeLogAnnotator

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    public abstract class ChangeLogAnnotator
    extends Object
    implements ExtensionPoint
    Performs mark up on changelog messages to be displayed.

    SCM changelog messages are usually plain text, but when we display that in Hudson, it is often nice to be able to put mark up on the text (for example to link to external issue tracking system.)

    Plugins that are interested in doing so may extend this class and put Extension on it. When multiple annotators are registered, their results will be combined.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • ChangeLogAnnotator

        public ChangeLogAnnotator()
    • Method Detail

      • annotate

        public void annotate​(Run<?,​?> build,
                             ChangeLogSet.Entry change,
                             MarkupText text)
        Called by Hudson to allow markups to be added to the changelog text.

        This method is invoked each time a page is rendered, so implementations of this method should not take too long to execute. Also note that this method may be invoked concurrently by multiple threads.

        If there's any error during the processing, it should be recorded in Logger and the method should return normally.

        build - Build that owns this changelog. From here you can access broader contextual information, like the project, or it settings. Never null.
        change - The changelog entry for which this method is adding markup. Never null.
        text - The text and markups. Implementation of this method is expected to add additional annotations into this object. If other annotators are registered, the object may already contain some markups when this method is invoked. Never null. MarkupText.getText() on this instance will return the same string as ChangeLogSet.Entry.getMsgEscaped().
      • register

        public final void register()
        as of 1.286 Prefer automatic registration via Extension
        Registers this annotator, so that Hudson starts using this object for adding markup.
      • unregister

        public final boolean unregister()
        Unregisters this annotator, so that Hudson stops using this object.