Class LoadPredictor

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    public abstract class LoadPredictor
    extends Object
    implements ExtensionPoint
    Predicts future load to the system, to assist the scheduling decisions

    When Hudson makes a scheduling decision, Hudson considers predicted future load — e.g., "We do currently have one available executor, but we know we need this for something else in 30 minutes, so we can't currently schedule a build that takes 1 hour."

    This extension point plugs in such estimation of future load.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • LoadPredictor

        public LoadPredictor()
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      • predict

        public Iterable<FutureLoad> predict​(MappingWorksheet plan,
                                            Computer computer,
                                            long start,
                                            long end)
        Estimates load starting from the 'start' timestamp, up to the 'end' timestamp.
        start - Where to start enumeration. Always bigger or equal to the current time of the execution.
        plan - This is the execution plan for which we are making a load prediction. Never null. While this object is still being partially constructed when this method is called, some of its properties (like MappingWorksheet.item provide access to more contextual information.