Package hudson.model

Class Run.RunExecution

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Run<JobT extends Job<JobT,RunT>,RunT extends Run<JobT,RunT>>

public abstract class Run.RunExecution extends Object
Object that lives while the build is executed, to keep track of things that are needed only during the build.
  • Constructor Details

    • RunExecution

      public RunExecution()
  • Method Details

    • run

      @NonNull public abstract Result run(@NonNull BuildListener listener) throws Exception
      Performs the main build and returns the status code.
      Exception - exception will be recorded and the build will be considered a failure.
    • post

      public abstract void post(@NonNull BuildListener listener) throws Exception
      Performs the post-build action.

      This method is called after the main portion of the build is completed. This is a good opportunity to do notifications based on the result of the build. When this method is called, the build is not really finalized yet, and the build is still considered in progress --- for example, even if the build is successful, this build still won't be picked up by Job.getLastSuccessfulBuild().

    • cleanUp

      public abstract void cleanUp(@NonNull BuildListener listener) throws Exception
      Performs final clean up action.

      This method is called after post(BuildListener), after the build result is fully finalized. This is the point where the build is already considered completed.

      Among other things, this is often a necessary pre-condition before invoking other builds that depend on this build.

    • getBuild

      @NonNull public RunT getBuild()
    • getProject

      @NonNull public JobT getProject()
    • getAttributes

      @NonNull public Map<Object,Object> getAttributes()
      Bag of stuff to allow plugins to store state for the duration of a build without persisting it.