Package hudson.model

Class Node.InternalComputerListener

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      • InternalComputerListener

        public InternalComputerListener()
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      • onOnline

        public void onOnline​(Computer c,
                             TaskListener listener)
        Description copied from class: ComputerListener
        Called right after a Computer comes online.

        This enables you to do some work on all the agents as they get connected. Any thrown Exceptions will be recorded to the listener. No Exception will put the computer offline, however any Error will put the computer offline since they indicate unrecoverable conditions.

        Starting Hudson 1.312, this method is also invoked for the master, not just for agents.

        onOnline in class ComputerListener
        listener - This is connected to the launch log of the computer or Jenkins master. Since this method is called synchronously from the thread that launches a computer, if this method performs a time-consuming operation, this listener should be notified of the progress. This is also a good listener for reporting problems.
        See Also:
        ComputerListener.preOnline(Computer, Channel, FilePath, TaskListener)