Package hudson.model

Class FingerprintCleanupThread

All Implemented Interfaces:
ExtensionPoint, Runnable

@Extension @Symbol("fingerprintCleanup") @Restricted(org.kohsuke.accmod.restrictions.NoExternalUse.class) public class FingerprintCleanupThread extends AsyncPeriodicWork
Scans the fingerprint database and remove old records that are no longer relevant.

A Fingerprint is removed when none of the builds that it point to is available in the records.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi
  • Constructor Details

    • FingerprintCleanupThread

      public FingerprintCleanupThread()
  • Method Details

    • getRecurrencePeriod

      public long getRecurrencePeriod()
      Description copied from class: PeriodicWork
      Gets the number of milliseconds between successive executions.

      Hudson calls this method once to set up a recurring timer, instead of calling this each time after the previous execution completed. So this class cannot be used to implement a non-regular recurring timer.

      IOW, the method should always return the same value.

      Specified by:
      getRecurrencePeriod in class PeriodicWork
    • invoke

      public static void invoke()
    • execute

      public void execute(TaskListener listener)
      Initiates the cleanup of fingerprints IF enabled. In case of configured external storage, the file system based storage cleanup is also performed.
      Specified by:
      execute in class AsyncPeriodicWork
      listener - Output sent will be reported to the users. (this work is TBD.)