Package hudson.model

Class DependencyGraph.Dependency

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    public static class DependencyGraph.Dependency
    extends Object
    Represents an edge in the dependency graph.
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      • shouldTriggerBuild

        public boolean shouldTriggerBuild​(AbstractBuild build,
                                          TaskListener listener,
                                          List<Action> actions)
        Decide whether build should be triggered and provide any Actions for the build. Default implementation always returns true (for backward compatibility), and adds no Actions. Subclasses may override to control how/if the build is triggered.

        The authentication in effect (Jenkins.getAuthentication2()) will be that of the upstream build. An implementation is expected to perform any relevant access control checks: that an upstream project can both see and build a downstream project, or that a downstream project can see an upstream project.

        build - Build of upstream project that just completed
        listener - For any error/log output
        actions - Add Actions for the triggered build to this list; never null
        True to trigger a build of the downstream project
      • pointsItself

        public boolean pointsItself()
        Does this method point to itself?
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        public int hashCode()
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