Package hudson

Interface FeedAdapter<E>

  • public interface FeedAdapter<E>
    Provides a RSS feed view of the data.

    This interface allows data structure of any form to be exposed as RSS feeds, just by writing a stateless singleton adapter code that implements this interface.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
    • Method Detail

      • getEntryTitle

        String getEntryTitle​(E entry)
        Gets the human readable title of the entry. In RSS readers, this is usually displayed like an e-mail subject.
      • getEntryUrl

        String getEntryUrl​(E entry)
        Gets the URL that represents this entry. Relative to context root of the Hudson.
      • getEntryID

        String getEntryID​(E entry)
        Unique ID of each entry. RSS readers use this to determine what feeds are new and what are not. This needs to produce a tag URL as per RFC 4151, required by Atom 1.0.
      • getEntryDescription

        String getEntryDescription​(E entry)
        (Potentially lengthy) plain text to be attached to the feed. Can be null.
      • getEntryTimestamp

        Calendar getEntryTimestamp​(E entry)
        Timestamp of the last change in this entry.
      • getEntryAuthor

        String getEntryAuthor​(E entry)
        Author of this entry.