Class ExportInterceptor

  • public abstract class ExportInterceptor
    extends Object
    Allows caller to intercept exporting of properties. Implementation can choose to ignore properties in case of failure during serialization.
    Vivek Pandey, James Dumay
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExportInterceptor

        public ExportInterceptor()
    • Method Detail

      • getValue

        public abstract Object getValue​(Property property,
                                        Object model,
                                        ExportConfig config)
                                 throws IOException
        Subclasses must call Property.getValue(Object) to retrieve the property. If the subclass decides the value can be included in the request return the value otherwise, return SKIP to skip the property.
        property - to get the value from model object
        model - object with this property
        the value of the property, if SKIP is returned, this property will be skipped
        IOException - if there was a problem with serialization that should prevent the serialization from proceeding
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