@ExportedBean public class ToolApi extends Object
Remote API model for a static analysis tool that has been invoked in a build. Simple Java Bean that exposes several methods of a tool instance.
Ullrich Hafner
  • Konstruktordetails

    • ToolApi

      public ToolApi(String id, String name, String latestUrl, int size, Map<,Integer> sizePerSeverity)
      Creates a new instance of ToolApi.
      id - unique ID of the tool
      name - human-readable name of the tool
      latestUrl - the URL to the latest results
      size - the number of warnings
      sizePerSeverity - the number of warnings, grouped by severity
  • Methodendetails

    • getId

      @Exported public String getId()
    • getName

      @Exported public String getName()
    • getSize

      @Exported public int getSize()
    • getLatestUrl

      @Exported public String getLatestUrl()
    • getErrorSize

      @Exported public int getErrorSize()
    • getHighSize

      @Exported public int getHighSize()
    • getNormalSize

      @Exported public int getNormalSize()
    • getLowSize

      @Exported public int getLowSize()