Class Entry

    • Field Detail

      • bucket

        public String bucket
        Destination bucket for the copy. Can contain macros.
      • sourceFile

        public String sourceFile
        File name relative to the workspace root to upload. Can contain macros and wildcards.
      • excludedFile

        public String excludedFile
        File name relative to the workspace root to be excluded from upload. Can contain macros and wildcards.
      • storageClass

        public String storageClass
        what x-amz-storage-class is currently set
      • regions

        public static final List<com.amazonaws.regions.Region> regions
        Regions Values
      • selectedRegion

        public String selectedRegion
        Stores the Region Value
      • noUploadOnFailure

        public boolean noUploadOnFailure
        Do not publish the artifacts when build fails
      • uploadFromSlave

        public boolean uploadFromSlave
        Upload either from the slave or the master
      • managedArtifacts

        public boolean managedArtifacts
        Let Jenkins manage the S3 uploaded artifacts
      • useServerSideEncryption

        public boolean useServerSideEncryption
        Use S3 server side encryption when uploading the artifacts
      • flatten

        public boolean flatten
        Flatten directories
      • gzipFiles

        public boolean gzipFiles
        use GZIP to compress files
      • showDirectlyInBrowser

        public boolean showDirectlyInBrowser
        show content of entity directly in browser
      • keepForever

        public boolean keepForever
        Don't delete artifacts in Amazon after job was rotated
    • Constructor Detail

      • Entry

        public Entry​(String bucket,
                     String sourceFile,
                     String excludedFile,
                     String storageClass,
                     String selectedRegion,
                     boolean noUploadOnFailure,
                     boolean uploadFromSlave,
                     boolean managedArtifacts,
                     boolean useServerSideEncryption,
                     boolean flatten,
                     boolean gzipFiles,
                     boolean keepForever,
                     boolean showDirectlyInBrowser,
                     List<MetadataPair> userMetadata)