Alle Klassen und Schnittstellen

Base class for step executions.
Base class that provides the basic setup to read and write entities of a given type using XStream.
Finds all files that match a specified Ant file pattern and visits these files with the processing method AgentFileVisitor.processFile(Path, Charset, FilteredLog), that has to be implemented by concrete subclasses.
The results for all found files.
Controls the life cycle of the results in a build.
Navigates from the current results to the same results of any other build of the same job.
Resolves environment parameters in a string value.
Facade to Jenkins GlobalConfiguration instance to prevent IO access during tests.
Testable base class for items of the GlobalConfiguration page.
Facade to Jenkins server.
A job action displays a link on the side panel of a job that refers to the last build that contains results (i.e.
Handles logging of issues log and error messages to a TaskListener instance.
Generated localization support class.
A ResultHandler that does nothing.
A ResultHandler that sets the overall build result of the Run and annotates the given Pipeline stage with a WarningAction.
A simple logger that prefixes each message with the name of a plugin.
Defines a quality gate based on a specific threshold of a selected property in the current build.
Determines the Jenkins build result if the quality gate is failed.
Descriptor of the QualityGate.
Evaluates a given set of quality gates.
Result of a quality gate evaluation.
Remote API to show the content of an individual quality gate item.
Remote API to list the overview of the quality gate evaluation.
Represents a single item of the quality gate results.
Result of a quality gate evaluation performed by a subclass of QualityGateEvaluator.
A serializable result combined with a logger.
Handles the setting of the build or stage result.
A ResultHandler that sets the overall build result of the Run.
use ResultHandler instead
Validates UI parameters.