Class SourceCodePainter

  • public class SourceCodePainter
    extends Object
    Highlights the code coverage information in all source code files. This process is executed on the agent node that has all source files checked out.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SourceCodePainter

        public SourceCodePainter​(@NonNull
                                 Run<?,​?> build,
                                 FilePath workspace,
                                 String id)
        Creates a painter for the passed build, using the passed properties.
        build - The build which processes the source code
        workspace - The workspace which contains the source code files
        id - the ID of the coverage results - each ID will store the files in a separate directory
    • Method Detail

      • processSourceCodePainting

        public void processSourceCodePainting​(Node rootNode,
                                              List<FileNode> files,
                                              String sourceCodeEncoding,
                                              io.jenkins.plugins.prism.SourceCodeRetention sourceCodeRetention,
                                       throws InterruptedException
        Processes the source code painting.
        rootNode - the root of the tree
        files - the files to paint
        sourceCodeEncoding - the encoding of the source code files
        sourceCodeRetention - the source code retention strategy
        log - The log
        InterruptedException - if the painting process has been interrupted