Class MatrixBuildListener

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    public abstract class MatrixBuildListener
    extends Object
    implements ExtensionPoint
    Controls which subset of MatrixRuns to rebuild.

    Plugins can implement this extension point to filter out the subset of matrix project to build. Most typically, such a plugin would add a custom Action to a build when it goes to the queue (Queue.schedule2(Task, int, List), then access this from MatrixBuild to drive the filtering logic.

    See the matrix reloaded plugin for an example.

    Christian Wolfgang
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      • MatrixBuildListener

        public MatrixBuildListener()
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      • doBuildConfiguration

        public abstract boolean doBuildConfiguration​(MatrixBuild b,
                                                     MatrixConfiguration c)
        Determine whether to build a given configuration or not
        b - Never null. The umbrella build.
        c - The configuration whose build is being considered. If any of the MatrixBuildListener returns false, then the build for this configuration is skipped, and the previous build of this configuration will be taken as the default result.
        True to let the build happen, false to skip it.