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Interface MatrixAggregatable

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    public interface MatrixAggregatable
    extends ExtensionPoint
    Publisher, JobProperty, BuildWrapper can optionally implement this interface to perform result aggregation across MatrixRun.

    This is useful for example to aggregate all the test results in MatrixRun into a single table/graph.

    You may also register singleton implementations of this interface as Extensions. Rather than forcing publishers and the like to implement this interface, the singleton can perform any logic it needs for result aggregation on a given build.

    Kohsuke Kawaguchi
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      • createAggregator

        MatrixAggregator createAggregator​(MatrixBuild build,
                                          Launcher launcher,
                                          BuildListener listener)
        Creates a new instance of the aggregator.

        This method is called during the build of MatrixBuild and the created aggregator will perform the aggregation.

        build - The build for which the aggregation shall happen. Never null.
        launcher - Can be used to launch processes during the build.
        listener - Progress report and errors during the aggregation should be sent to this object. Never null.
        null if the implementation is not willing to contribute an aggregator.
        See Also:, MatrixAggregator.listener