Package hudson.matrix

Class AxisDescriptor

    • Constructor Detail

      • AxisDescriptor

        protected AxisDescriptor​(Class<? extends Axis> clazz)
      • AxisDescriptor

        protected AxisDescriptor()
    • Method Detail

      • isInstantiable

        public boolean isInstantiable()
        Return false if the user shouldn't be able to create this axis from the UI.
      • checkValue

        public FormValidation checkValue​(@QueryParameter
                                         String value)
        Makes sure that the given name is good as a axis name. Aside from Jenkins.checkGoodName(java.lang.String) this disallows ',' as special character used in Combination presentation. Note it is not necessary to disallow '=' in value as everything after the first occurrence is considered to be a value. Subclasses are expected to expose own doCheck method possibly delegating to this one.