Class JwtAuthenticationService

    • Constructor Detail

      • JwtAuthenticationService

        public JwtAuthenticationService()
    • Method Detail

      • getToken

        public abstract JwtToken getToken​(@Nullable @QueryParameter("expiryTimeInMins")
                                          Integer expiryTimeInMins,
                                          @Nullable @QueryParameter("maxExpiryTimeInMins")
                                          Integer maxExpiryTimeInMins)
        Gives JWT token for authenticated user. See
        expiryTimeInMins - token expiry time. Default 30 min.
        maxExpiryTimeInMins - max token expiry time. Default expiry time is 8 hours (480 mins)
        JWT if there is authenticated user or if anonymous user has at least READ permission, otherwise 401 error code is returned
      • getJwks

        public SigningPublicKey getJwks​(String keyId)
        Binds Json web key to the URL space.
        keyId - keyId of the key
        JWK response
        See Also:
        the spec
      • getJwkSet

        public abstract net.sf.json.JSONObject getJwkSet()
        Binds Json web keys to the URL space.
        a JWKS
        See Also:
        the JWK Set Format spec